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PodCast# 14: Online Gaming PodCast

This Online Gaming Podcast will feature a variety of games we stream-play online. We review the game and give our feedback. We welcome all suggestions, just drop them on the X dedicated gaming post listed below and as always, all comments and feedback are welcome.

PodCast# 13: Free 2 B Me

The foundation of your thinking process determines your reality. Most people react to actions based on their programming. Have you thought about your reactions to everything? Did they come from you or your programming?

PodCast# 12: Indigenous and the Land

This podcast is to shed light on North American Indigenous people, their tribes, languages, customs and the impact they experienced after colonization. If you are Indigenous, please contribute, correct and share this podcast so the world can learn.

PodCast# 11: Gender, identity, sexual orientation pronouns and laws

So many identities, factions, proposed laws, rights and practicality. Who is right and who is wrong? Is it really necessary to choose a side?

PodCast# 10: Men (married and single) Seeking Sexuality Online

Men seeking online sexual pleasures, why do they do it? Addiction? Are they entrenched in a life that does not allow them to explore their erotic desires, therefore the only means for them is online cam models? This podcast will shed some light on this issue from a neutral standpoint by answering some questions.

PodCast# 09: Today Jobs Don’t Pay

Most of today’s jobs are not worth it, it simply does not pay for basic necessities. Costs are rapidly rising and income is for the most part stagnant or not rising fast enough. At what point does one say, “I cannot sink my ship anymore, what action do I take”? How much can one reduce/cut costs to survive? What should one do to rectify their abysmal situation?

PodCast# 08: Relationships and Decisions in Life

When two people don’t have the same vision of their path in life and if they come from contrasting backgrounds. We will share our experience and how we overcame obstacles.

PodCast# 07: Current Events and the official story

Narratives and peoples opinions in today’s world. A neutral but very contrasting perspective.

PodCast# 06: The real truth about today’s social media algorithms

Why social media algorithms hate your content! Social Media today is hijacked by automated AI-Algorithms controlling fair exposure to content and dictating the for-you pages. We’ll take you deep in this rabbit hole to show you the huge chasm between what people believe and what actually is happening.

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