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PodCast# 12

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PodCast# 12

Indigenous and the Land

This podcast is to shed light on North American Indigenous people, their tribes, languages, customs and the impact they experienced after colonization. Please contribute, correct and share this podcast so the world can learn.

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PodCast #12: Indigenous and the land - SFW - {blogger} - 27-Jul-23 / isydia


Information and Resources
  1. Indigenous peoples in Canada
  2. Inuit
  3. M├ętis
  4. First Nations in Canada
  5. List of First Nations peoples
  6. Numbered Treaties
  7. Native Americans in the United States
  8. Indigenous peoples of the Americas
  9. Eskimo
  10. United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues
  11. Visual arts of the Indigenous peoples of the Americas
  12. Native American fashion
  13. War bonnet
  14. Indigenous cuisine
  15. Classification of indigenous languages of the Americas

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