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PodCast# 09: Today Jobs Don’t Pay

Most of today’s jobs are not worth it, it simply does not pay for basic necessities. Costs are rapidly rising and income is for the most part stagnant or not rising fast enough. At what point does one say, “I cannot sink my ship anymore, what action do I take”? How much can one reduce/cut costs to survive? What should one do to rectify their abysmal situation?

PodCast# 08: Relationships and Decisions in Life

When two people don’t have the same vision of their path in life and if they come from contrasting backgrounds. We will share our experience and how we overcame obstacles.

PodCast# 07: Current Events and the official story

Narratives and peoples opinions in today’s world. A neutral but very contrasting perspective.

PodCast# 06: The real truth about today’s social media algorithms

Why social media algorithms hate your content! Social Media today is hijacked by automated AI-Algorithms controlling fair exposure to content and dictating the for-you pages. We’ll take you deep in this rabbit hole to show you the huge chasm between what people believe and what actually is happening.

PodCast# 05: The truth about internet browsers and your security

We will uncover how much personal information your browser shares with the websites you visit and their third parties.

PodCast# 04: Are people aware of what they are eating?

How to scan food labels and discover the ones with the least poison because there are no healthy foods on the shelves today.

PodCast# 03: Helping someone that rejects your guidance.

Most experts suggest, if you are extending a hand to someone that does not want to be helped, then STOP helping. How should you proceed? We are sharing our experience.

PodCast# 02: Freedom it either exists or it does not

What is freedom and how would you gage it, if you are still free or controlled.

PodCast# 01: What is our PodCast about?

What is our PodCast about and why are we doing it? We will be discussing our motivation and what inspired us to get into PodCast(ing), the manner in which we choose our subjects and how you can participate.

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