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PodCast# 02

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PodCast# 02

Freedom it either exists or it does not

What is freedom and how would you gage it, if you are still free or controlled.

Freedom can only exist if one is “TRULY FREE” to express themselves in any manner without fear of consequence; as long as it’s not forced on others. One should not have to choose a specific side to avoid repercussions. By choosing a side one is under the false pretense that they are free, and they are taking a stand. In reality, by choosing a side one is fueling the higher power that initially created two conflicting sides. Therefore, in essence, anytime I view a situation that requires you choosing a side, I stay clear from it and view it as negative and against freedom!

PodCast Date/Time: WeekDay - 00-abc-2023 at 00:00 (Winnipeg - central time)

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