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PodCast# 17

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PodCast# 17

Guns and the citizens that own them

Why are guns considered bad and not the manner in which people use them?

Ask a native american how government gun control worked out for them.

One can argue that the government has been at war on drugs for almost 50 years, yet they can’t keep drugs off the streets, out of elementary schools, or even in very well controlled prisons. Yet, the government is asking people to disarm and trust that they will be protected from criminals.

The core of this issue is credibility, how can you trust an entity that will essentially abolish people’s ability to protect themselves without the promise and guarantee that criminals will be held at bay. Throughout history most crimes were carried out against unarmed citizens indicating gun control will have a negative outcome, therefore I see no logical reason favorable to ban guns when weighing pros and cons.

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PodCast #17: Guns and the citizens that own them - SFW - {blogger} - 5-Feb-24 / isydia

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