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PodCast# 14

PodCast# 14

Online Gaming PodCast

This Online Gaming Podcast will feature a variety of games we stream-play online. We review the game and give our feedback. We welcome all suggestions, just drop them on the X dedicated gaming post listed below and as always, all comments and feedback are welcome.

To comment or contribute, please do so on our dedicated X (formarely Twitter) post. We read all comments/contents shared and will respond/add your contribution where appropriate.

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PodCast #14: Online Gaming PodCast {blogger}

14.1: Monkey Island {blogger} - 25-Sep-23 / Kissra

14.2: Deponia game series {blogger} - 28-sep-23 / Kissra

14.3: Bloopers {n/a} - 12-oct-23 / n/a
  • 14.3.1: - 13-Oct-23 / Kissra
    While recording the main video for PodCast-14

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