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PodCast# 16

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PodCast# 16


I made this PodCast to address the many questions guys message me about my NSFW content and the many details associated with it. Please use the dedicated X post to ask questions and I’ll do my best to answer them.

To comment or contribute, please do so on our dedicated X (formerly Twitter) post. We read all comments/contents shared and will respond/add your contribution where appropriate.

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What models want you to know before you chat with them:

1- Understand your own needs first! And respect the agreement!
The agreement is that you’ll abide by model rules and limits. Don’t choose a model you’re attracted to who explicitly says they won’t do a specific act, hoping they’ll do it once you get to know them. This is manipulative behavior and, generally, not a very healthy way to establish relationships.

2- Read their profile before making any moves

3- Earn their trust by sticking to good etiquette

  • Avoid idle chats and pleasantries. The model time is valuable and she’s not there to strike conversations with random users. Be specific, direct and detailed.
  • Do not recklessly type the acts you want a webcam model to perform without tipping. The model ows you nothing, and to them, it’s a business.
  • Compensate in some way. “If tipping through tokens isn’t your thing, join their fan club if they have one, subscribe to their monthly content, sign up on their personal website, see if they have an Amazon wish list. These will be listed somewhere in their profiles,” and at the very least follow them on their social media accounts.

4- Don’t expect anything for free

5- Never approach a model in public

Do’s and don’ts, according to a model:
  • Do tell her what you want in a private session.
  • Do pay her on the site where you found her.
  • Do follow the site’s terms.
  • Do pay her for her time.
  • Do honor her prices.
  • Do tell her what your kinks and interests are and be specific and detailed.
  • Do have fun!
  • Please be polite and respectful.
  • The virtual session is provided as is. If it wasn't to your expectations, be nice and move on to another model and don't be rude!
What models want you to know about them:
  • Models aren’t victims
  • It’s not easy money
  • Models receive only a portion of the money they earn
  • Don’t be shy about setting up a second virtual session
  • It’s *your* job to remember this is a show
  • Follow basic decency

PodCast #16: Communicating with Female-LiveStreamers - Do’s and don’ts - NSFW - {blogger} - 13-Jan-24 / Kissra

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