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PodCast# 15

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PodCast# 15

Gifts PodCast

I decided to start this podcast on October 6th 2023. I will be blogging videos of gifts that special fans send me from my Amazon wishlist. All gifts are appreciated no matter what you choose.

Now, I did get awesome presents before this podcast idea began, so I will include photos of those items and a brief description in a written blog post.

P.S. Let me know if you want me to give you a shoutout or list your social media. If you wish to stay anonymous that’s cool too ;)

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PodCast #15: Blogging the gifts I receive from my wonderfull fans - SFW - {blogger} - 7-Oct-23 / Kissra

Note: Please note that the PodCast-15 idea was born on October 6th 2023, that is when the first video was made; prior to that all gifts are featured in photos and are equally appreciated. Featured videos will be from October 6th 2023 and onwards.

15.1: Gothic Handbag {video} - 6-Oct-23 / Kissra

My cool and eccentric friend (same person as the heart pendant) gifted me this, he is someone who you can connect with quick by having one conversation. I truly believe my style was captured with this handbag.

15.2: Tiger Eye Heart Pendant {Picture} - 27-Feb-23 / Kissra
This heart shaped pendant was gifted to me by an exceptional and eccentric friend, I wear it with another pendant on a silver necklace. Tiger Eye is one of my favorite stones.

15.3: Large Retro Style Tiger Eye Ring {Picture} - 23-Jun-23 / Kissra
Gifted to me by a dear and special confidante.

15.4: Sun Shape Silver Pendant {Picture} - 08-Jul-23 / Kissra
Gifted to me by a fan as a token of appreciation for unique content I made, and in fact they chose this on their own so it was quite a beautiful surprise when I received it.

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